TANQ 5" Pro-Spec Built & Tuned Drone - 6S - by Let's Fly RC

3-5 Day Lead Time

Video System: Avtar HD V2 Pro
Receiver: FrSky


Let's Fly RC wanted one thing out of his new frame more than anything else, and that's for it to survive any and all damage. Of course, we all know nothing does that better than a tank. This new frame is made to be the most rugged you can find, and it succeeds.

Choose the video system that matches your goggles, and which receiver you would like in your build. If you have questions about what options would be best for you, please contact customer support, they would be more than happy to help.

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Customer Reviews

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Zachary Ferris
Good Drone!

Bought it to fly concrete. I've been hitting said concrete pretty hard and no real damage. Still going strong!!

John Galvan
Put your war face on!

The Tanq was my second RR rig after the CL2.
I knew it was going to be a hard act to follow but let me tell you it did not disappoint. Not only was it super powerful in spite of being heavy as it’s namesake, but the durability would be proven over and over again as I crashed it repeatedly when first trying to hit gaps. I replaced several GoPro’s before even having to replace a motor and still haven’t broken an arm yet! Let’s Fly RC really came through like a champ on this one! Hooah!

My first 6S freestyler, crazy power, really enjoying this one!

This is my first 6S free style machine and the performance is absolutely amazing. By far this is my favorite quad to fly! The only one thing I would change are ugly green lights on motor arms - I do not see purpose for those and likely will be removed. If these were programmable or proper color positional lights, they could be potentially used in LOS situation - i.e. loss of FPV feed.

great build!

want a solid frame to be able to crash and fly over and over again? buy this one! great build! thanks for the design sean!

Nikolay Dzambazov
Top build

Some screws were loose but overall I'm very happy with this build! It is well tuned as well. I've crashed 2 times already and no damage so far! It is extremely durable. I don't know why but I get low rssi warning all the time and still can't find a reason for this. Over all top build!

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