Fat Shark Dominator Transition Bundle - 4S

3-5 Day Lead Time Batteries Sold SeparatelySave $400

Frame: Moxy
Receiver: Frsky
$819 $1,219


Solder-Free: Everything is 100% plug-n-play, the MR30 Quick Connection System makes assembly a breeze and removes the need for most soldering! Check out our other solder-free options.

Looking to upgrade your FPV experience? We've put together a package that makes transitioning over to the newest HD video system a breeze! This bundle will come with the Dominator Goggles and Avatar VTX already flashed to the latest firmware version and bound to your drone of choice. Each drone also comes completely set up and tuned here at the Rotor Riot warehouse.

The goggles and Avatar unit will be updated to the latest firmware and bound when you receive them. So all you need to do is connect your controller and start flying!

CL2MK3, or Moxy Bundle Includes - Now Shipping With The New Avatar V2 VTX with 32GB DVR & Gyro!

Skylite Bundle Includes

Driblet Bundle Includes


Dominator Drone Combo

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Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
Dylan Finley
Best thing I ever got

This device is among my favorite things ever. This I a great first quad for me. The only slight complaint that I have is when I crashed it (I don’t think I crashed it hard) the captive nuts pulled out of the bottom plate and the arms fell off. I feel the captive nuts were upside down but I am unsure. I was able to “fix” it though. But other than that this thing is amazing.

Peter Tobin
Great drone for smooth flying and pest control

So for starters I've had this drone for about a month now and was surprised at how smooth and stable it's flight characteristics and it's ability to take a beating. I was able to teach my wife how to fly it after she practiced with Liftoff, she did crash it a bunch and it still flies great. I'd say this a great cruising drone and the tuning is on point. Battery life is around 3-4 minutes depending how you fly with the 1500 mah fuel cells. I'd say I'm a beginner and setting it up was simple and a true plug and play if you have the accessories at hand.

Now for the pest control part, I was working on another drone, a 1s walksnail 3" toothpick to use with my fatsharks in this bundle. On one of my first flights the video cut out due to the bt2.0 pigtail and fell on my lawn. When I went to go pick it up it was on top of an underground hornets nest, what can happen will happen I suppose. Almost instantly myself and my toothpick were swarmed with hornets. The situation got worse as rain clouds were coming in and I had to save my toothpick fast. Luckily I had my trusty skylite and came up with an idea, to chop up the hornets to save my drone. I sent in my skylite and made quick work of those pesky hornets, they didn't know what hit them, and I was able to save my toothpick. Plus with the fatshark walksnail system, it looked great while doing it. I have the video footage from my avatar, I hope you guys enjoy it as much as I did.

5/5 drone

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