Bubito Pro-Spec Built & Tuned Drone - 1S - by BubbyFPV

3-5 Day Lead Time Pro-Grade Micro Built in USA

Receiver: Frsky


BubbyFPV designed this micro-class BNF drone as one of the smallest drones on the market, using the best quality components. The Bubito is the ultimate indoor ripper, perfect for practicing freestyle in tight indoor spaces. The Bubito Pro-Spec is built and tuned by our build team in Orlando, FL. 

DIY Build Kit Available Here.

  • Durable Lightweight Frame Design
  • High Power 0802 29700 KV Motors
  • 50 MW VTX
  • Powered Off 1s 300 MAH Lipo
  • Top Mounted Battery 
  • BT 2.0 Connector
  • Spins 35 mm Props
  • Flight time - 2.5 Mins
  • AUW - 33g

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Customer Reviews

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Nice build, but…

It’s nicely built, really screams! It’s very twitchy but I like that as it helps me with learning better control. It’s very fast, and wouldn’t recommend this for a beginner.

I’d say it seems over priced considering other options available with better battery life - and that’s truly my main issue with this is battery life. It feels like you plug it in, put glasses on, loop around something and then it’s time to swap batteries. I’m talking 30 seconds if you send it. If you just “fly casually” (Chewbacca noises) you’ll get a minute maybe.

Also support seems slow. I couldn’t figure out how to bind this for a minute so reached out via email. Haven’t heard back. Didn’t answer phones either and when calling I honored their “don’t call until Wednesday so I can catch up from the weekend” yet still no answer to my email and their voice mailbox is full. 😒
I feel if you can’t answer emails within 48 hours during the week then you’re probably doing good sales and could hire some help.

But regretting this purchase due to price, battery life and slow support.

Hello Will,

We have had a large volume of Emails and walk in customers as of late and i am doing my best to respond. I got to your email this afternoon and sent over the information you needed.

Sick Nano Freestyle ripper!

This lil guy (or girl) is an absolute BEAST. If you are looking for 5in freestyle flying but ya know in tight indoor spaces like your house, look no further! I've flown many whoops and toothpicks, but the whoops are clunky and the toothpicks are just slightly too large to really rip inside...THIS is the answer. If you've read all this then what are you doing, order now you won't regret it.
the HQ props that come with are good too, I switched them out for some gem fan props with a slightly less aggressive tilt giving it a less twitchy flight and closer to my preferred 5in freestyle flying performance!
The Bubito is the answer for micro freestyle.

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